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CMS in the world of Forms

By Steven Singh on 04-10-2022

Imagine a simple form like the one below. It's easy right? Well, it is easy. It is easy with a single language. At least assuming that you are okay duplicating content and not using your Content Management System (CMS) for this kind of content. However, assume that you already manage the list of countries where you offer your services. Assume that you need to show the form on your website in 15 different languages. What to do?


How can we help?

In the above scenario, there are typically two answers.

  • You use a DXP with that has a built-in form builder and this allows you to achieve your goal with forms within that single digital property. The forms cannot easily be used outside of the that site
  • You use a form builder allowing you to embed forms anywhere. However, there is no coupling to your CMS so you need to duplicate countries and create copies of each form to support localization
We believe that CMS is a utility in forms - especially in these times of composable architecture. Many organizations already built their content workflows such as reviews, approvals, translation, preview and publishing into their CMS and we want to honor that by extending these flows into the realm of forms.

In the image above, we allow both labels, options in the dropdown and the image to be sourced from the CMS. Rather than forcing the user to create content directly in our form builder, we allow to connect to an existing content repository to use existing content from there. In other words, Collect.DEV becomes an instrument to orchestrate forms between the end user (via your website) and underlying CMS.


This means that your contents in forms is now reusable across forms, reusable across touchpoints and translatable for a simpler global go to market.