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Hey there! We're a friendly bunch of digital experts with a solid background in consulting. With over 25 years in the industry, we've become masters at building frontends to perfection. We're small, agile, and super responsive, which means we can easily tackle projects of any size.

We've spent years simplifying the world of headless and composable solutions, giving us unique insights into how to deliver projects with the biggest impact and benefits. Whether it's development or architecting headless and composable solutions using platforms like Contentstack, Contentful, or, we've got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about our awesome capabilities!

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If you are finding yourself in the situation where you aren't getting enough out of your composable / headless implementation and lack flexibility to adjust visually, we're likely the best suited to help you find a solution. We know the struggle it can be to find the right content and make the necessary visual tweaks to make a page compelling. We can help you achieve the needed flexibility both in existing projects and greenfield implementations.

Our capabilities range from frontend and backend development to architecture, cloud and agile project / product management. We can therefore easily take on entire projects or help in specific areas as needed. We are used to working alongside internal development teams or other vendors - the more the merrier.


Meet Our Experts

Mads Stoumann - Frontend Development Expert

Mads Stoumann

Frontend Development Expert

Mads is a highly skilled IT professional with an impressive 30-year background in graphic design and publishing. His unique understanding of both digital and traditional landscapes enables him to craft tailored solutions for clients looking to elevate their online presence. Passionate about web performance, accessibility, and sustainability, Mads frequently shares his insights on platforms like, CSS-Tricks, and LogRocket. His impressive portfolio can be explored on Codepen.

Ugo Quaisse - Digital Strategy and Product Management Expert

Ugo Quaisse

Digital Strategy and Product Management Expert

Ugo is a dynamic and multifaceted digital expert with more than 20 years of experience in creating exceptional, user-focused digital products. His extensive expertise in product and project management empowers him to adeptly navigate complex digital ecosystems, encompassing both traditional and composable approaches like CMS, DAM, Commerce, PIM, and CRM. As a 3-time Sitecore MVP and creator of the widely used "Sitecore Author Toolbox" extension, Ugo consistently challenges the status quo in the digital space.

Anton Boyko - DevOps and Cloud Expert

Anton Boyko

DevOps and Cloud Expert

As a Microsoft Regional Director and 9-time Microsoft Azure MVP, Anton brings unparalleled experience in DevOps and Cloud to the team. His 20-year career spans backend and frontend development, cloud engineering, quality assurance, and architecture. Anton's extensive knowledge in each of these areas enables him to effectively communicate with engineers and empower them to excel in their roles. His services range from consulting to hands-on cloud development, including setup, configuration, and automation.

Steven Singh - Architecture, Backend Development and Leadership Expert

Steven Singh

Architecture, Backend Development and Leadership Expert

With 25 years of experience in technology, Steven is a seasoned backend developer and impactful leader. His diverse experiences allow him to work strategically while remaining hands-on to ensure projects progress rapidly and effectively. Steven's expertise includes .NET development and experience building Sitecore ISV products, which have been integrated into core products. His clients include major organizations such as LEGO, PANDORA Jewelry, and Jabra. Steven enjoys working on transformation projects involving CMS and microservices, with direct experience implementing solutions in products like Contentful, Contentstack, and Sitecore.

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