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Compose Digital Experiences with Perfection

By John West on 09-10-2023

No matter how much analysis and coding goes into the implementation of a website, internal users always want greater capabilities and control. To reduce development costs and provide consistent visitor experiences that optimize overall site usability, pages generated from a Content Management System (CMS) are typically templated, meaning that they all look basically the same. This prevents content owners from implementing the unique experiences required for modern Digital Experience Composition (DXC) systems. Perfection addresses these concerns by granting CMS users control over all aspects of page presentation within constraints and brand guidelines defined by designers and developers.

Perfection facilitates Digital Experience Composition by giving your internal users final say over the appearance of each aspect of every page, regardless of the source for its data or the technology used to render - whether the information on the page comes from a CMS, a commerce engine, or elsewhere. Perfection works near the top layer of the composable software stack, after the application has assembled data for the page into HTML, but before laying out that page visually and finalizing styling for that HTML. For more information about how Perfection fits in the Digital Experience Composition puzzle, see https://www.perfection.dev/blog/dxc.html.

Many organizations have a critical need to let internal users control visual aspects of websites without depending on expensive and time-consuming exchanges with designers and developers. Requirements can range from relatively trivial, such as setting font sizes for headlines to prevent line wrapping, through orchestrating visual changes to support seasonal or other campaigns, or even designing completely unique landing pages.

Rather than attempting to predefine all possible page permutations, or giving users excessive control that leads to inconsistency and violations of brand standards, organizations need tools that provide required flexibility within limits. This is exactly what Perfection's Section Designer and Component Designer deliver. Your designers and developers can specify precisely which dimensions of each element of every presentation component CMS users can manipulate and the parameters allowed for each.

Perfection operates at the point where the solution composes pages. Our Section Designer and Component Designer tools let you control these visual aspects of the page without requiring any back-end coding. In addition to controlling presentation, our features help you to improve accessibility, apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, achieve compliance with legal regulations, and improve the quality of text content on the site. Perfection provides the required functionality at the last checkpoint before page publication, giving users unique capabilities to control layout and styling.

In your site's preview environment, Perfection overlays the page with intuitive, context-sensitive tools that let users access source systems to maintain data, collaborate, control page layout and design, and apply heuristics including artificial intelligence to optimize web pages during the content production process. By operating in the context of your own site, Perfection optimizes usability, providing a consistent and unified approach for managing data in source systems, controlling presentation, and optimizing content. With Perfection's capabilities, the website itself becomes the primary user interface for site maintenance.

Perfection helps all members of your organization collaborate on every aspect of your website directly within the context of each web page. Users can attach comments and screen shots to any presentation element and can assign tasks to others - all while working in the context of the website itself. There is no need to access additional systems that track tasks - with Perfection, everything they need appears within the preview environment.

Perfection's tools work independently from the CMS and any other systems that provide data to the front-end website. To work with Perfection, you don't need to use any specific CMS, APIs, JavaScript frameworks, or other particular technologies. Simply reference our libraries in your pages and apply data attributes in your HTML that enable our features for your presentation components.

With its array of powerful tools that optimize productivity and user satisfaction, Perfection makes it easy for your organization to achieve the full intended benefits of Digital Experience Composition.

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