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Why Enterspeed and Perfection is a match made in Heaven

By Steven Singh on 16-11-2023


During the last years, digital architectures have grown more and more complex. The rising of composable architectures has brought a lot of flexibility and freedom but it also made it harder to build high performing solutions with great and consistent tooling for business users. First of all, you maybe cannot replace all legacy platforms in your existing landscape with modern API-first offerings: you might need to deal with transition architectures. Planning this can be complicated and require a lot of development activities every time you move from one phase in the transition to the next. Secondly, the modern day architectures comprise of data from a multitude of systems. Each an every system might be fast in itself but combining everything can both require a lot of development efforts in building a orchestration layer and be slow because of chains in requests to various systems.

While the shift to headless and composable has made it easier to make technology choices (such as building websites on any javascript framework you desire) and pick best in breed systems for various operations needed to operate your website, it has made some parts of the architecture more complex and certainly made life harder for the business users maintaining the site. Many business users express lack of empowerment and being slowed down due to increased developer dependency compared to their previous experience with monolith solutions. Many headless CMS systems, rightfully so, focus on content modelling and APIs to deliver content efficiently to whichever frontend stack is being used.

The need for federation

A tool like Enterspeed provides content federation allowing you to build highly performant and scalable APIs to transform and access your content via APIs. Enterspeed doesn’t care whether it’s a legacy PIM or a headless CMS – as long as content is pushed into it, it can serve the content up fast via it’s cache mechanism. There is no need for GraphQL because you can transform the data to your need using simple javascript before it’s cached. The benefit of this approach is that you build your website using a consistent API structure and can transform your underlying data landscape as you go which helps you significantly on a composable journey. In other words, Enterspeed makes it much simpler to build a frontend comprising of multiple sources.

How Does Perfection Fit In?

But the pain for the business user still remains. In fact, it might be slightly worsened because the visual tools provided natively by headless offerings such as Contentful and Contentstack no longer are applicable when using a different mechanism for content delivery. That’s where Perfection comes into play. By applying Perfection on top of the preview site being delivered by Enterspeed, you can now provide the business users with an interface where they can access the content in the source system for easier editing, modify look and feel using the designer and collaborate with peers with the comment and task features.

In combination, the tools give an ideal flow and productivity from development to maintenance and that’s why we so strongly believe in the combination of our forces.

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