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How Oversite Transforms Site Preview to Streamline Content Management

By Lars Dyrelund on 30-01-2023

Over the last few years, composable solutions have become increasingly popular in the development of websites, largely due to the benefits they offer to designers and developers. In comparison to previous approaches, composable architecture allows for greater flexibility and scalability, as well as other advantages. At the same time, the composable approach presents new challenges, including some that affect those responsible for previewing and managing content.

Composable architecture replaces traditional and familiar monolithic solutions with a mesh of different systems, each providing an individual piece of the overall puzzle. While the composable paradigm has advantages for technical implementation, it can complicate processes for CMS users. Specifically, it can be challenging to determine the system responsible for each data component that appears on an individual web page, presenting a new challenge for locating the source of data to update.

What if there was a way to navigate these complexities and gain greater control over the content management and webpage creation process?

Perfection.DEV introduced Oversite to address these concerns. Oversite runs in preview environment that marketers use to develop and maintain content for websites and individual pages, adding visual outlines around each significant element on the page. Outlines highlight the various components with appealing colors that indicate the system responsible for providing their data. Each outline exposes features that give users direct and complete control over the web page, making it easy to understand its composition and the sources of all the rendered data.


Additionally, outlines provide features that enable users to navigate directly to each piece of content to maintain directly in those source systems, without the need to browse and search through each. Perfection's integration framework automatically directs the user to each individual unit of content that is visible on the page, eliminating the need for searching with trial and error to ensure that the record hat they update contains the content used on the page they wish to update.

Adding outlines to your site requires minimal development effort, and you can use whatever presentation framework you prefer. Simply add data attributes to your HTML to identify the source system for components to outline, and Oversite does the rest. Oversite provides default integrations with the major CMS and commerce platforms, and you can quickly create custom providers for any system. Since our approach is non-intrusive, you can deploy the exact same code from your staging environment that supports Oversite to your production content delivery environment without worrying about any potential side effects.

Oversite is a powerful addition to your marketing toolbox, turning the website preview environment into a robust data management tool, not just for the CMS, but for data from any system. Oversite allows users to navigate the complexities of composable systems and gain complete control over the content management process. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial to have the right approaches in place to maintain productivity and stay ahead of the curve. Oversite is one such tool that enables significant capabilities and satisfies users to improving your content management processes.